Summer Internship Journaling

Here I’ll be detailing the process of my summer internship through sketch processes, progress shots, and various other stages in the form of digital journaling.


May 15-

Gathering reference material and researching Burmese culture:


The Mandalay Palace stands today as a representation of traditional Burma architecture, while also identifying some key elements of palace design.

Palace reference

(Hsipaw and Suphayalat on the throne)


Ancient Ruins of Bagan-


Reference for background indicators, the iconic structural design of the ancient city of Bagan might be important to include in the story.






The padauk is considered the national flower of Burma. The varying shades of red, yellow, and green work well in an aesthetic.


Artistic references/ Cultural references





Aung Kyaw Htet’s piece here depicts the Burmese monks in realistic detail, in contradiction to most Burmese artists that typically omit facial detail to reflect monks as a sign of religious symbolism rather than as individuals.

In his work, the saturation and warmth chosen through color lure the eye, and direct attention to the details of the fan.



Painted by Win Khaing, his focus on color seems to represent the warmth and variation of the nature he takes inspiration from

Reference Gathering Hours: 5.5 

ThumbnailsIMG_0050IMG_0051Some character designs and beginning thumbnails for final piece


First Stages Sketches: 11.5 hours

May 31st/continuation of previous sketches:



These are a few second stage sketches based from the thumbnails. The next step after meeting with Anne is to fit the text and adjust the sizes of the illustrations to compensate for the translated version as well.

Additionally, I also need to look out for repetitive poses, and to adjust the scheme of the borders so that they take precedence over the text heavy piece.

Overall this stage took about a week and a half before our meeting. I worked 2 and a half hours a day, for a week and a half = 27.5 hours.



Our meeting at Arabica-  May 31st

Anne, Colleen, and I met to discuss what we had accomplished so far and to figure out the next step. Our plan is to meet with the head of the anthology project on July 6th, and to meet one more time before that on June 13th to answer any last minute questions.

We also began discussions on the pre-college picture book class and how we plan to structure the three weeks.

Hours Worked: 


Next steps overall: text placement on the dummy sketches, and color studies


June 14th: Having finished all of the first stage sketches, I had to go through an editing stage, involving text placement and some overall adjustments to help the story move more smoothly.

spread 1spread 2spread 3spread 4spread 6spread 7spread 8spread 9

Text placement was particularly difficult with this story, as it’s so text heavy in itself. Making sure that the story was spaced enough required making additional spreads, and adjusting some of my earlier ideas to compensate.

Overall this process was rounded up to 12 hours overall, spaced around a week.


The next stage is to present my spreads to the head of the project in Lowell, on July 6th.


July 5th-6th

On July 5th Anne, Colleen, and I went to Lowell, Mass to meet with the head coordinator of the project, MJ.



After we met over dinner, the grant provided us an overnight stay in the UMASS Conference Inn. We planned to meet the next morning to go to MJ’s office at the university and discuss the set up for the anthology.

While meeting the next day, we discussed adding additional spreads, creating illustrator bios for each story, and detailing a specific schedule for moving forward.


Making some adjustments for moving forward, we shifted the final art for everyone to be completed by September 15th at the latest. (I will most likely be finished by late August).

The plan is to receive cultural feedback from the community members who gave us our folk stories by August 1st.


We went over everyone’s work to see where we stand, and in the mean time I will be focusing on color and value studies, character design, and set up for the final line art that is due by August 15th. The plan is to receive the galleys for text placement by August 1st, create final line arts for the spreads, and have them sent to the designer for proof reading and adjustment of size.

We were on clock working for a total of 10.5 hours the combined two days.

After that I will start the final project.


In the meantime, I begin the pre-college course with Anne on 7/10, from 9 to 3 on Monday and Thursdays, and 9-12 on Wednesdays.



My job as a TA for Anne includes keeping track of scheduling blocks, deadlines, and smaller details she may forget. On a number of occasions I’ve ran errands for her, as well as shadowed as she went around the room. On a number of occasions I also shared some of my own work for reference, as well as included some feedback during crits. On a couple of work days I would float around the room, giving feedback and testing new media for the students to work with. Overall I functioned as a second voice and brain to keep the classroom running smoothly for Anne, and shared some of my own experiences as a student at MECA.

We started the first week having the students introduce themselves and jump in with a simple exercise. We had them all pick out a picture book they loved as a kid and share it, and then we found a story they hadn’t chosen, and gave them a single line to illustrate themselves. It was a great introduction to what would be the rest of the three weeks.

We spent a day with Anne teaching them about the proper structure of a child’s face, as well as distinguishing between faces of different ethnicities.

Throughout the three weeks we developed with the students an understanding of the concept of the picture book, as well as helped them pick from six stories and create one of their own. Through the process of story-boarding, dummy designing, and final color and concept, the students left the course with a complete understanding of the physical processes of illustrating a picture book, and a final piece to take home with them.

Considering my current work on the anthology, I was able to relate with their processes and struggles in terms of things like text placement and composition overall. It was helpful to be able to learn among them, and problem solve together.

Total Recorded Hours for Pre-College: 45 


8/24/17 -Final Update for Internship

As of right now I’ve been doing color studies and redesigning some elements of my dummy while I wait for the text for the final work to come in.  The final piece will be completed after the internship is finished, the deadline being September 28th.

Total Recorded hours for sketches and tests: 22 hours 

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